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Vocal Strength & Flexibility classes

Image by Ana Flávia
Image by Jason Rosewell

From 1 Hour (£60)

to 1 full week of private workout workshops, building up the strength and flexibility to ensure your voice never lets you down.

A full week of workshops and sessions, together with a restful atmosphere, provide the perfect setting at Little Roses in Canterbury Kent (£850) including Accommodation and vocal workshops.

Contact me for a free vocal assessment and a booking slot.

Fit for Purpose- Capable of anything

Need to get strength and flexibility into your voice?

Need a voice that's strong, supple and won't let you down?

I have helped hundreds of people over the last 30 years, find and strengthen their voice and I can show you how in my relaxing friendly workout sessions. In person or online, its easy when you know how.

For actors and those wanting a strong voice capable of holding the attention of a large room for an extended period.

Actors, singers, entertainers, teachers, public speakers, anyone presenting anything, anywhere. Everyone needs these skills.

Actors have to be ready to Act. This means physically and mentally as well as spiritually. All these elements effect the body and training your body and voice helps to free your soul. Using a mixture of breathing, Alexander technique and vocal workouts, I will help you to gain confidence in your voice and show you how you can free your voice, so that it is capable of so much more. I help actors old and young, smokers, as well as singers and vocalists of all ages, trained professionals and talented amateurs.

This course is also suitable for entry into public speaking,

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